Max Landis Reveals the Source of the Super Powers in Chronicle

Last year brought us the surprise hit Chronicle, a found footage movie that told the story of a group of kids gifted with super powers and what they did with them. The source of the teens’ powers was shown as a crystal deep underground but was never elaborated on any further in the film. It seemed like we might be getting an answer of “What was that?” in the upcoming sequel Chronicle 2, but now that screenwriter Max Landis is no longer on the project, it’s up in the air.

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, however, Landis opened up about what he says gave the boys their powers in the original film. Called “Massive Organic Geoelectric Objects,” Landis described them as “a race of crystalline organisms that communicate and propel themselves through radio waves, and turn higher life forms into telekinetic drones.”

Landis also revealed he had an entire trilogy mapped out for the series and added a description for the plot of the sequel, which was as follows: “two embittered souls as antiheroes trying to catch the survivor of the first film.” Now that he’s no longer writing the film, it remains to be seen if we will see any of this in the future.

What do you think of this revelation? Was the source of the powers what you expected? Sound off below!