NYCC: DC Announces the Return of Stephanie Brown as Spoiler!

Long absent from DC’s “New 52,” fans have long asked for the character to appear in the new series and the character will finally make her debut in Batman: Eternal #3 (via Newsarama).

“Your love for Stephanie Brown has been so inspiring to us, she’s a character we really love, and we’re proud to announce she’ll be coming back in this series!” Head Bat-writer Scott Snyder said. “Tynion found a way to bring Spoiler into the story and into the New 52, and it’s really perfect.” 

Stephanie Brown debuted in 1992 as the crime fighter Spoiler and was co-created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle. She later went on to be not only Batman’s sidekick Robin but also Batgirl at one point.