She-Hulk Getting a New Solo Comic Series in February

Though Marvel is teasing a few new comic series to be announced at New York Comic Con, one of their new titles for All-New Marvel NOW! has just been revealed: She-Hulk!

USA Today revealed that Thunderbolts and Swamp Thing writer Charles Soule will be bringing the character back to life, along with artist Javier Pulido.

“She-Hulk has always been a title where weird, cool things can happen,” Soule said. “She is a strong — very strong — female character, and comics absolutely cannot have too many of those. There’s no reason Jennifer Walters can’t be iconic, and we’re going to do what we can to make that happen.”

Not only will the series focus on She-Hulk’s abilities as a hero, but also her day job as an attorney. It will feature a series of one-and-done stories and three issue arcs in lieu of longer stories. Soule has also planned a few guest stars for the series, including a “huge A-lister” in the first series.

The first issue will be published in February of next year. Will you be picking it up?