Google Maps Invites You into Doctor Who’s TARDIS

With the long-running sci-fi series celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, “Doctor Who” fans working for Google have worked a clever Easter egg into a recent Google Maps update. Not only can you spot the Doctor’s TARDIS on the streets of London at this location, but a special arrow in the street allows users to actually travel inside and explore a 3D environment that’s quite a bit bigger on the inside.

We’re not sure how long the interior of the TARDIS has been online (the police box itself has apparently been there for awhile), but it was spotted today by (via Tech Crunch) and, while it’s not necessarily entertainment news, it’s just too fun a story not to share.

The series itself returns for a 50th anniversary special on November 23 with both Matt Smith and David Tennant starring alongside John Hurt, Billie Piper, Jenna Coleman, Jemma Redgrave and Joanna Page. After that, a Christmas special will introduce the 12th Doctor, to be played by Peter Capaldi, who will go on to lead the 2014 episodes (which will mark the eighth modern season). That’s all in addition to the new “An Adventure in Space and Time” series that dramatizes the real-life creation of everyone’s favorite Timelord.

Click on the image below to head to Google Maps to explore the TARDIS yourself: