Nicolas Winding Refn Talks Barbarella Remake

It has been a long road for the upcoming rebooted series of Barbarella. Last year saw the official announcement of the project and we didn’t hear anything more until this January. Now, Vulture has spoken with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn about the upcoming project, and he had some….interesting things to say.

“We are just writing it still. I kind of went back to the original comic, and really began to close my eyes and fantasize about women in outer space and it looked pretty good.”

When asked if he had someone in mind for the “Jane Fonda” role he replied: “No, I haven’t started casting yet.”

Martha De Laurentiis will executive produce the project under her Gaumont International Television company with Refn set to direct the series. Writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have co-written the last five James Bond films, will write the new adaptation. There is no word yet on when or where this updated Barbarella will air, but check back here for more updates.
This new series will reportedly take its inspiration from the original comic book created by Jean-Claude Forest instead of the 1968 film starring Jane Fonda.