D.J. Cotrona on George Miller’s Cancelled Justice League

“That was a long slog,” he says. “We were playing with that for about a year. That was during the writer’s strike time and it started and it stopped. That was a big bummer. I was really, really excited to work with George Miller and the script was really, really good. The stuff that WETA was doing was amazing. It’s just a shame that we didn’t get to finish that because it was going to be really, really cool.”

Other cast members were rumored to have included Adam Brody, Anton Yelchin, Common, Teresa Palmer and Megan Gale.

“I did the Justice League thing the wrong way,” Cotrona continues. “I read too much on the internet. You can’t do that. The internet is the devil. Or the internet is not the devil, the comment boards are the devil. Believe me, I’ve been on the opposite side on there, too saying, ‘You can’t let that guy be that character!’ But really it was WETA, WETA, WETA, WETA, WETA. They are amazing and they can make anybody look like anything. It was a damn shame that we didn’t get to finish that. I promise you that it would have been amazing. It would have been incredible. The scale of this was fantastical. It was a ‘Lord of the Rings’ scale. It would have been really cool.”

A different take on the DC superhero ensemble is now in the works at the studio, allegedly targeting a 2015 release.

(Photo Credit: LJPhotoCorp / WENN.com)