Comics: Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern Successor Has Been Revealed

It was announced last week that Green Lantern scribe Geoff Johns would be stepping down from the series after almost a decade of writing the comic. MTV Geek confirmed this morning that writer Robert Venditti will be taking over on the title with issue #21 once Johns finishes. Venditti is known for writing The Surrogates, The Homeland Directive, and Valiant comic’s recently re-launched X-O Manowar.

In an interview he confirmed that he’ll be honoring Johns continuity that he’s created but trying to break ground on his own stories too.

“Geoff introduced so many great high concepts, and we’ll definitely be building on that continuity. We’ll also be taking things in our own direction, though, examining those concepts and exploring what they mean for the universe as a whole. Talking with the editors and the rest of the Green Lantern team, we’ve laid out a stretch of story arcs I really can’t wait to get on the shelves.”

“Green Lantern will continue to be Hal Jordan’s book, but he’s going to be facing challenges he hasn’t really faced before. Hal is a character unlike any other in all of comics, so it’s really just about tapping into the aspects that make him unique, then putting him up against conflicts that will highlight them—either through his success or his failure. There are a ton of status quo changes coming down the line, and new characters, too.”

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