Toy Fair: Hasbro Debuts New Toys for Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers & G.I. Joe

For the first time in many years, wasn’t able to attend Hasbro’s impressive presentation due to other other obligations, but Hasbro kindly sent over an enormous press kit including information and photos on everything that can be expected from the company over the next few months.

With G.I. Joe: Retaliation finally coming out on March 29, Hasbro is once again gearing up with lots of action figures and toys based on the movie version of the popular Joe characters, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bruce WIllis, Ray Park, Byung-Hung Lee, RZA and the rest. Since we covered them quite extensively last year, we’ll just let you check out the new G.I. Joe toys including the new Kre-O building sets by clicking here.

As always, Hasbro also continued their vast line of Transformers toys and this year they’re going big on Beast Hunters, including a few new Kre-O building sets based on them, as well as a series of “Construct-Bots” and their venture into card battle games with “Transformers: Legends” developed by DeNA currently for Android and soon for iOS. You can see pictures of all the new Transformers toys by clicking here.

We’ll be adding some of our own photos (and possibly a few videos) of the toys when we visit the Hasbro showroom tomorrow and an update of anything else we learn there, so check back in the next 24 hours for those.