Dredd 3D Props Going Up for Auction

Even though Dredd 3D was a bomb at the box office, the fan support for the film has been very strong and with that in mind we’ve got some good news: official props from the film will be going up for auction starting next week.

The Prop Store has officially announced they have over 200 props and costumes from the film that they will be putting up for auction on their official eBay store. Starting on Monday, January 28th, 20 items will go up for auction starting at  £1 each with 20 more items being posted every business day for 10 days. Some of the props and costumes that will be listed include Karl Urban’s full Judge Dredd costume as well as Lena Headey’s ‘Ma-Ma’ costume. Judge helmets and belts will also be sold individually in addition to Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster motorcycle. 

Head over to their official website and eBay store for more details, and check in next week to see what items they’ve got for sale!