Comics: Spider-Man 2099 Will Return!

“I wish to apologize, I did a horrible prank, and that prank was I put a tweet up online on midnight on a Saturday and made it look like it was a direct message to my artist Ryan Stegman that hinted that a character ‘Miguel’ might be the new Superior Spider-Man. I am very sorry, it was a prank, it was a trick. And all these poor fans of Spider-man 2099 were so certain that Spider-Man 2099 was going to be the Superior Spider-Man.’

‘This is not a trick, this is not a prank: You will see Miguel O’Hara in Superior Spider-Man”

Slott is a known trickster, so it remains to be seen if Miguel will actually show up in the series or if it will simply be a background image of Spider-Man 2099, which is not entirely out of the cards. What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Miguel O’Hara?

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