Guillermo del Toro Was Approached for Star Wars: Episode VII

“We got one phone call to my agent saying, ‘Is Guillermo interested?’ And basically I have so much stuff already of my own, and I’m pursuing stuff that I’m generating already….It was very flattering, It was just a phone call, it didn’t go past that, it was very nice to be asked, but believe it or not, I’m busy enough.”

Del Toro has someone in mind for it though: “I think the fans deserve somebody that is just going to immerse themselves completely. As a geek, I would have loved to see Brad Bird take it.”

Unfortunately, Bird said he’s not doing the new Star Wars film back in November.

Del Toro is currently working on his new film Pacific Rim, which will open in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D theaters on July 12. Star Wars: Episode VII is scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.

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