Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Children Now Titled Jupiter’s Legacy

We won’t be seeing the official release of Mark Millar and Frank Quietly’s new comic book until April, but it’s already undergone a title change. Millar confirmed that the title will no longer be Jupiter’s Children and will instead be Jupiter’s Legacy (via CBM).

“We just preferred it when we were playing around with finished logos and decided to tweak the title while we still could,” Millar said. “The front cover will now look as below, out in April from Image Comics and priced at a very lovely $2.99. Artist and co-creator Frank Quitely and I are very proud of this little superhero epic and look forward to taking all your money next year.”
Millar has described the comic as ‘Lord of the Rings/Star Wars‘ in terms of scope. The series will deal with the children of superheroes not living up to the standards that their parents have set for them. 
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