Exclusive: Dennis Haysbert on Tackling Manute for Sin City Sequel

ComingSoon.net/SuperHeroHype spoke with Haysbert earlier today for Sheldon Candis’s indie drama Luv in which Haysbert plays a Baltimore crime boss, and we noted that he had shaved his head and bulked up a bit, which prompted us to ask Haysbert about taking on the Sin City role. “I haven’t finished working out to the capacity that I need to, but he’s going to be different. This is playing as a prequel, so it should work out,” he told us. 

When we asked whether he went back to watch what Duncan had done in the earlier film, he replied, “It’s going to be my character, but I’ve spoken extensively with Frank Miller and Robert (Rodriguez) about what they want with the character and yes, it has to have some feel of what Michael did but I have to make it my own.”

Haysbert also talked about the process on set, working with the two directors: 

“Robert sets up the camera and he does a lot of the hands-on directing but Frank is very astute and very good at watching from a distance and just coming in and popping in a few things in your ear that really solidifies it. Because he comes from that comic book approach and everything is storyboarded so you have a clear idea as to what you want to do and what he wants. It’s a very cool process.”

Look for more with the actor and his co-stars over on ComingSoon.net sometime before the release of Luv on January 18, 2013, while Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is scheduled for October 4, 2013.