Comics: Marvel’s X-Termination Revealed

Early last week, the teaser image for a new event in the Marvel universe was revealed. It’s called X-Termination and while some information could be surmised from the lone teaser image, overall it left us scratching our heads. Now Marvel has officially unveiled the crossover on their website.

X-Termination will tell the story of the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ Nightcrawler wanting to go back to his own timeline (currently he’s in the 616 Marvel universe on X-Force). The series will start and end with its own X-Termination Alpha and Omega issues and in between will spill into Astonishing X-Men, X-Treme X-Men, and (of course) Age of Apocalypse.

“The AoA is Nightcrawler’s home,” said Age of Apocalypse writer David Lapham. “That’s where his family and friends are, that’s where he’s spent his whole life fighting Apocalypse and then Weapon Omega.  That’s what he was trying to liberate. Just because he leaves to another place and has an adventure doesn’t mean he turns his back on all that and says “this new universe is a lot safer and cushier. I think I’ll stay here while my loved ones suffer.
“As much sympathy as he’s had for what he’s seen and done here in the Marvel Universe, he just can’t bring himself to feel it’s a completely real place. The Marvel Universe is some kind of dreamland. The AoA is real. As far as the greatest damage he could cause. Well, that’s part of our crossover event…”
The cross over event starts in March of 2013 with X-Termination Alpha #1. Will you be picking up the series?