Comics: Mark Millar Auctioning Off A Character’s Name for Jupiter’s Children

Mark Millar is continuing his tradition of having readers name a character in his comics after… well, whatever they want. He started it with Kick-Ass where the auction winner chose his own name for the main character, Dave Lizewski, and he has since done it with his other series Nemesis, Superior and The Secret Service. Now he’s doing the same thing for his upcoming series with Frank Quitely, titled Jupiter’s Children (via THR).

All of the proceeds for the auction will go to the grade school Millar attended as a boy.

“It’s something I’d like to do every year and expand into other schemes in the community with a few other ideas I have,” Millar says. “Some of the kids had never been to the city before and when I went back to my old school to hand out prizes last summer they all told me how much they enjoyed it.”

You can find the auction by clicking here.

Millar describes the series as his ‘Lord of the Rings/Star Wars‘ in terms of scope. The series will deal with the children of superheroes not living up to the standards that their parents have set for them. Image comics will release the first issue of the series in April.