Comics: Marvel Officially Announces Age of Ultron!

On Friday, we saw a very peculiar teaser from Marvel that when put through a binary decoder spelled out Age of Ultron, the long-awaited storyline from writer Brian Michael Bendis. Today, the publsher officially announced the title and let Bendis explain it a little further.

“Age of Ultron is about Ultron, one of our biggest villains ever, finally fulfilling his destiny, which is taking the Earth,” said Bendis. “From the very first page, Ultron has taken the Marvel Universe and everything is changed. There is a shocking amount of destruction and devastation. It started in Avengers, but it’s meant to be a Marvel Universe book. It starts everyone. This was never supposed to be my last Avengers story, it was always meant to be a Marvel Universe event.” 

“This isn’t a story where the Skrulls are invading. We cut right to the chase,” said Editor Tom Brevoort. “We’re already past that and Ultron is already here. He’s already put his footprints on the landscape. You’re immediately thrust into the heart of crazy events and things are going a million miles an hour.”

The ten issue series will begin in March and be written by Bendis with the first five issues being drawn by artist Bryan Hitch. Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco will split the work on the last five issues in the series. Age of Ultron‘s first three issues will be released in March with three more in April, the series will be bi-weekly after that.

“We wanted to give a unique Bryan Hitch experience, which was rather than having him draw a couple issues and then wait, we didn’t solicit until he had all his stuff done, so you can get it in explosive fashion. It’s some of the best work of his career.” 

The series won’t be a simple ‘elsewhere’ storyline, Bendis and Brevoort made sure to say that it happens within continuity. It also has a very secretive ending.

“We came up with a schedule that allowed us to tell the whole story is a shorter amount of time and get to the big stuff. The last pages are so shocking that only six people in the world know what is happening. The artists don’t know. People from Marvel on this call don’t know. Some of my best friends are going to call me after this and ask me and I will not tell them.”

You can check out the first issue cover, variant, and interior artwork below. Will you be picking up the series in March?