Comics: First Look at Mark Millar’s New Series Jupiter’s Children

Mark Millar is no stranger to superheroes. Having written The Ultimates, Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Wanted and Kick-Ass, he’s got a lot of his bases covered. Now he’s decided to try a different approach to the genre. The writer revealed to THR the first details and character designs for his upcoming mini-series with artist Frank Quietly, titled Jupiter’s Children.

“It’s a story I’ve been thinking about for the past five years. It’s a massively ambitious project and planned as an enormous trilogy, the first one being I think the best thing I’ve ever written,” Millar said.

The comic will tell the story of the offspring of superheroes and how they haven’t met their parent’s expectations, but Millar won’t reveal plot details just yet. Millar is even keeping the names of the characters and their powers a secret for now.

“We have the last remains of these old-school heroes and their mainly vacuous children living in L.A., a massive disappointment to the first generation of super-people and just lost, no real direction in their lives beyond advertising gigs and opening night-clubs. This is literally where we find everyone and then we go into the future, taking these guys on a journey like we’ve never seen in comics before.”

This is shaping up to be Millar’s most ambitious project to date that he says he hopes will be ‘his Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.’

“What I’m proposing here is a universe of characters, who have been around for a while and a vast network and world we can play with…This kind of scale, this event-level storyline, is something I don’t think I’d have been ready for before. This is what I’ve been buidling to.”

Unlike Millar’s other comics, there is no talk about a movie deal yet for the property. Millar says he’s not going to show the comic to anyone for film development until the first mini-series is complete. The first issue launches next year.