Comics: Another Before Watchmen Title Has Been Added

The Before Watchmen event has been in a little trouble since it started. It was very ambitious of DC to decide on doing several prequel series to the succesful comic, but to announce that there would be one issue weekly starting in June and going through March of 2013 without delay is unheard of. This hit its first snag when comics creator Joe Kubert unexpectedly passed away in August. Kubert was sharing artistic duties with his son Andy on the Before Watchmen: Nite Owl comic. In the wake of the delay, DC announced Before Watchmen: Moloch, a two issue series to run in November and December. Now they’ve announced another addition, Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill.

This new series will be about one of the least talked about members of the Minutemen, Bill Brady aka Dollar Bill, whose claim to fame is being gunned down by bank robbers when his cape was caught in a rotating door. Original Watchmen editor Len Wein will write the one shot comic with Steve Rude on pencils.

“He’s never been visited before. Of all the Watchmen, he’s the one with the least information given about him over the course of the series,” Wein told MTV Geek, “The difference between [Bill] and the rest of the characters is that he kind of accepts his lot in life.”

“Part of what makes him succeed initially, is that criminals aren’t that brave to begin with. They’ve seen Dollar Bill in the movies kicking ass, and so for those first couple of minutes, they’re frozen.”

The one shot will be released January 30th, you can take a look at the cover to the first issue below.