DC Reveals New Watchmen Sequel Miniseries Starring Rorschach

Rorschach is dead. But over three decades after his demise in the final issue of Watchmen, DC has announced a new Rorschach comic. Later this year, Mister Miracle and Batman writer Tom King will join forces with artist Jorge Fornés for a 12-issue Rorschach miniseries. And it will be a sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ original Watchmen story.

Via DC Comics, the new miniseries takes place “35 years since Ozymandias was exposed for dropping a giant telepathic squid on New York City, killing thousands and ending the public’s trust in heroes once and for all. The Minutemen are gone; only their memory lives on. Especially the infamy of Rorschach, who has become a cultural icon since Dr. Manhattan turned him to dust.”

“Like the HBO Watchmen show and very much like the original ‘86 Watchmen, this is a very political work.” said King in a statement. “It’s an angry work. We’re so angry all the time now. We have to do something with that anger. It’s called Rorschach not because of the character Rorschach, but because what you see in these characters tells you more about yourself than about them.”

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It’s unclear if King and Fornés’ story will acknowledge the events of Doomsday Clock; which introduced Reggie Long as the second Rorschach. Regardless. DC indicated that someone wearing Rorschach’s costume reappears when assassins attempt to kill a Presidential candidate. The publisher also teased “a dark conspiracy of alien invasions, disgraced do-gooders, mystical visions, and yes, comic books.”

Rorschach #1, will hit comic book stores on Tuesday, October 13 under DC’s Black Label imprint. Fornés and Jae Lee will provide the covers. You can check out the first look at Rorschach #1 below.

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