Will Thor: The Dark World Showcase All Nine Realms?

 Marvel Studios has been very clear about their plans to expand the interstellar scale of the Marvel Universe in the now-in-production Thor: The Dark World. Today, though, a new report from Russian site Kinopoisk suggests that the film may do so in a major way, pulling in the full Nine Realms of Norse mythology and Marvel comic book lore.

“The film promises to cover not just the Earth and Asgard,” reads the loose translation of a report from a Russian Cinema Expo, “but the entire Nine Realms. The studio hopes that ‘Game of Thrones’ director Alan Taylor has the experience to build upon the fantasy of the series.”

The original films showed off Asgard, the home of Thor’s people, Midgard, the Earth, and Jotunheim, the home of the frost giants. Reports of Dark Elves appearing in the sequel pretty much guarantee that we’ll be seeing their world, Svartalheim but that still leaves the Light Elves’ realm, Alfeim, the Realm of the dead who are neither honored or dishonered, Hel, the Demon world of Muspelheim, the Dwarven real, Nidavellir and Asgard’s sister-realm, Vanaheim.

If you want to get prepped for the sequel’s November 8, 2013 release date, you can take a look at Marvel’s original map of the Nine Realms below, originally published in the first issue of the “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.”