Mark Millar on the Fights in Kick-Ass 2

So much prep goes into a movie and – as a novice – I’m constantly surprised how much. Jeff was spoken to eighteen months back, commissioned to write screenplay by Matthew almost a year ago and even though we’re not shooting until 10th September all the fight scenes have been worked out by the stunt teams now for several weeks.

We’re all based in different countries and so most of this stuff gets viewed remotely. It means we can see costumes and set designs and so on as well as instantly view the daily castings happening in LA, Toronto and London. But the most fun is the pre-viz or pre-visualisations for the fight scenes. These are actually cut like movies and with a temp track, uncostumed stunt-people in the place of the characters and wearing wires and helmets doing the scenes we’re going to love in June next year.

My favourite costume I saw this morning is The Colonel’s dog. A big dog in a mask. But am torn between the Hit-Girl and Mother Russia fight and the scene with Hit-Girl fighting the super-villains on the roof of the moving van. Both are just mind-blowing. But the Mother Russia fight is going to be one of the most brutal and epic battles in cinema. Think how good Mindy is and then multiply it to 300 pounds of female muscle just pounding her and using every weapon you can imagine in the midst of that big final battle.

This looks amazing with the stunt team and a temp. Imagine what it’s going to look like with the actors, Jeff’s direction, Eddie’s edits and a final soundtrack. I’m really, really excited. Just finishing off The Secret Service #5 today and getting back into Kick-Ass 3 tomorrow. Want to get as much work done in next 2 weeks as possible before the whole show really kicks off.

The June 28, 2013 release stars Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, John Leguizamo, Donald Faison, Robert Emms and Morris Chestnut.