Joe Carnahan Close to Daredevil, Fantastic Four Characters Could Go Back to Marvel

There’s some exciting news for the future of Marvel on the big screen today as Variety reports that 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney Pictures are negotiating a deal that could potentially send the rights to some key “Fantastic Four” characters back to Marvel Studios. In return, Fox would get an extension in releasing their rebooted Daredevil, now said to have Joe Carnahan in discussions to direct.

Without an extension, Fox will have to move forward with Daredevil immediately and begin production by October 10th. The deal would potentially give Marvel Studios the ability to use characters like the Silver Surfer, Galactus and Uatu the Watcher in upcoming releases.

If a deal is worked out, there’s still no assurance of when or how the new characters might be utilized, but they’d certainly fit right in to Marvel’s plans to expand their cinematic universe to the cosmos with 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Carnahan, who directed this year’s The Grey, is also slated to remake Death Wish for MGM.

David Slade was previously attached to Daredevil, but recently left the project. The studio is also rebooting Fantastic Four and have set Chronicle director Josh Trank to helm.