The Dark Knight Rises Passes $300 Million Domestically

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises has become only the third movie of 2012 to surpass the $300 million mark domestically. Having earned $8.7 million on Tuesday, its 12th day in theaters, Nolan’s third and final Batman movie has reached $304 million domestically.

The other two 2012 films that have earned more than $300 million are Marvel’s The Avengers with $615.9 million total and The Hunger Games with $405.9 million.

After 12 days, Batman Begins had earned $122.5 million and The Dark Knight was at $333.9 million. Batman Begins collected $205.3 million total domestically, while The Dark Knight reached $533.3 million.

We don’t have the updated international total for “Rises” yet, but as of Sunday it was $248.2 million.