Arrow’s Deadshot Has Been Cast

Yesterday, we reported to you that Deadshot is set to appear in The CW’s upcoming DC show Arrow. The character will appear in the third episode titled “Lone Gunman” and now we’ve got word (via TV Guide) that Michael Rowe (Not Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe) will be playing the character.

When talking to Green Arrow TV about the character, producer Marc Guggenheim took the time to let the fans know he is in good hands. 

“In the same way that the pilot is a more grounded and realistic take on the material, our Deadshot is a more grounded and realistic take on the character than the fully costumed and masked super-villain that you see in the comics. You’ll definitely see the red eye piece, which is the most distinctive, iconic feature of that character, and I will say that with no slam to Smallville intended, it’s a much more faithful version of Deadshot than the Deadshot that was in Smallville.”

The series stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, Colin Donnell as Tommy, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance, David Ramsey as John Diggle, Willa Holland as Thea Queen, with Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen and Paul Blackthorne as Detective Quentin Lance.

Arrow premieres Wednesday, October 10th at 8 PM ET/PT.