Comics: Marvel Cancels Thanos Mini-Series

Marvel has been gearing up to make Thanos a big piece of the Marvel U again lately. First was his inclusion in this summer’s The Avengers along with teased appearances in the Avengers Assemble comic book and the character was going to get his very own mini-series come this October in Thanos: Son of Titan. Just today, retailers were sent this note by Diamond Comic Distributors: 

THANOS SON OF TITAN #1 (OF 5) & VAR (AUG120580-1, $2.99, FOC 09/24/12) has been cancelled.

No specifications as to why this has occured as the Marvel Previews magazine featuring the title just hit stores this week.

The folks at Bleeding Cool do have an interesting speculation though: Thanos’ creator Jim Starlin, though adamantly scotching any talk of starting a lawsuit against Marvel Comics, has been making it clear that he created Thanos before coming to Marvel Comics. And has proclaimed his displeasure with Marvel over using his creations in movies and comics without financial recompense.

Time will tell, but we really hope this mini-series will see the light of day.