Comic-Con: Any Chance of an Underworld and Resident Evil Cross-Over?

The Underworld and Resident Evil movies have been quite lucrative for Sony’s Screen Gems division and both of those franchises have created quite a devout fanbase with their combination of horror and action, so it wouldn’t be too surprising there may be some crossover between the fans.

Some of them may have even wondered if there’s any possibility of the two franchises one day crossing over, since let’s face it, a movie that stars both Kate Beckinsale’s vampire Selene and Milla Jovovich’s Alice would be pretty kick-ass. The coincidence that directors Len Wiseman and Paul W.S. Anderson happen to be married to their respective leading ladies makes it an even more intriguing prospect.

It’s a question fans of both franchises have wondered and when had a chance to talk to Wiseman and Anderson at Comic-Con we decided to throw it out there. After all, Anderson was the man behind 20th Century Fox’s Aliens vs. Predator, which (relatively) successfully allowed the studio to relaunch both science fiction horror franchises.

You can check out what they had to say by clicking here!