Comic-Con: Resident Evil: Retribution Panel Live Blog

In Resident Evil: Retribution, we learn more about Alice’s mysterious past as she continues to hunt those at The Umbrella Corporation responsible for the T-virus outbreak, a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington and Moscow, culminating in a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything she once thought to be true. Aided by newfound allies and familiar friends, including the return of Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocampo, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion.

Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Oded Fehr, Boris Kodjoe, Mika Nakashima and writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson will attend the Comic-Con panel to discuss the successful film franchise and show never-before-seen footage from the latest installment.

You can read the archived version of our live blog below:

3:51 The panel with Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Oded Fehr, Boris Kodjoe, Mika Nakashima and Paul W. S. Anderson should be starting shortly, stay tuned!
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Will Alice get to kiss Carlos again?
4:00 Maybe we should ask Paul 🙂
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4:00 Olah.
4:03 It’s supposed to start in two minutes, but everything is running a bit behind.
Comment From Junior 
Do you guys ask q’s
4:05 Unfortunately we don’t get to in Hall H, but we’re sure members of the crowd will get to.
Comment From hr 
So your not at the panel?
4:08 Yes, we’re there.
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So, are you writing all the questions and answers here?
4:09 We will try to cover as much as we can. Unfortunately we are not allowed to video.
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yes but i cant see my questions!!
4:09 We can’t post all reader comments, there’s too many 🙂
Silas Lesnick: We’re launching with Paul W.S. Anderson taking the stage!
Silas Lesnick: He’s talking about the global scale of the fifth film in the series
Silas Lesnick: While the action is as big as possible in terms of action, he wants it to be as small as possible in terms of Mila Jovovich’s Alice.
Silas Lesnick: He wants an ultra-focused Alice that brings out the human side of her character
Silas Lesnick: They’re premiering a brand-new trailer!
Silas Lesnick: Like a lot of the RE trailers, this one opens with a fake-out, mimicking a romantic comedy
Silas Lesnick: We see that Alice has been imprinted in a fake life in a suburban house with a husband and kid.
Silas Lesnick: Much of the opening is the same as the old trailer, but this one seems be extra-long
Silas Lesnick: We see the full cast and all the returning characters as well as the newcomers, including Bingbing Li’s Ada Wong.
Silas Lesnick: The cast has come on-stage!
Silas Lesnick: They’re about to show off some new footage
Silas Lesnick: It’s going to be a part of the climactic fight at the end of the movie. It’s Alice vs. Jill Valentine!
Silas Lesnick: We see cracks forming across an arctic terrain
4:21 Great, thanks for the spoiler Silas! Oh wait, we already knew that 🙂
Silas Lesnick: Someone is climbing out of an Umbrella vehicle
Silas Lesnick: It’s a confrontation in the snow
Silas Lesnick: Rain has a gun to Ada’s head. Alice steps forward.
Comment From Julianna 
oh come on, stop giving away details
Silas Lesnick: She blasts Rain with bullets and knocks her back, but she seems to regenerate
4:22 Why are you on this live blog then? 🙂
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I want to hear as much detail as possible, ignore the haters!
Silas Lesnick: Jill and Alice begin a pretty epic fight, but it cuts off midway through just as the action hits a fever pitch
Silas Lesnick: (It’s Alice who shoots Rain. Rain stands as the bullets fall from her body and hit the bloody snow and her wounds close themselves.)
Silas Lesnick: Milla, Boris Kodjoe, Michelle Rodriguez, Mika Nakashima and Oded Fehr are the ones on stage.
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will you be doing this for Totall Recall? please do =]
Silas Lesnick: Mika doesn’t speak any english, but has a translator
4:27 Yes, here;
Silas Lesnick: “Leeloo here was kicking ass long before me,” says Michelle
Silas Lesnick: “There has never been a better time to be a woman who wants to kick butt in theaters,” says Milla
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this is too slow…
4:30 For you, the three-boobed chick
Silas Lesnick: Milla jokes that all Paul (her husband) does when he directs is “press record”
Silas Lesnick: Milla says that being “suburban Alice” was much harder than doing action
Silas Lesnick: It was trickier being frightened and screaming than just blasting things with a machine gun
Silas Lesnick: Someone mentioned to Michelle that her characters tend to come back from the dead and whether or not her AVATAR character might come back.
Silas Lesnick: “That’s a James Cameron question,” she said.
Silas Lesnick: “This is definitely the beginning of the end,” says Paul about the franchise.
Silas Lesnick: “A lot of big characters die.”
Silas Lesnick: “Resident Evil has a life after Alice and before Alice,” says Milla
Silas Lesnick: She says they never talk about a sequel while they’re working on one, but that Paul did mention a sixth one that will probably end the Alice arc.
Silas Lesnick: “I gyrate a lot,” says Michelle about her exercise routine.
Silas Lesnick: Someone is asking about how Michelle and Oded feel about returning from the dead
Silas Lesnick: It looks like that’s about it for this one. We should be moving into the rest of the Sony panel in just a moment.