Learn How to be a Bad Guy in ‘The Supervillain Handbook’

Looking for a way out of the rat race? Tired of your ho-hum, workaday life? Have an inexplicable love of turning human beings into inanimate objects? Then professional supervillainy might just be for you! With tips from the renowned founder and overlord of the International Society of Supervillains, The Supervillain Handbook is your one-stop-shop for everything evil. Gain invaluable insight on the art of revenge, choosing your evil name, where to find the perfect lair, and much more! 40 color illustrations.

King Oblivion, Ph.D., has a doctorate in the Nefarious Sciences from Ocean Trench Fortress University. When he isn’t running things at the ISS’s giant lair in the Earth’s mantle, he spends his time in Sarasota, Florida.
If you want to get a taste of what the book is like, here’s a taste of the humor from an interview the ‘author’ did with USA Today.
Q: You dedicated the handbook to Doctor Doom. Did this cause friction between you and your peers such as Cobra Commander and the Red Skull?
A: We run in different circles. Let’s leave it at that. Cobra Commander knows what he did.
Q: Why is “Mwa-ha-ha” preferable to “Bwa-ha-ha” in terms of maniacal laughter?
A: Etymologists unanimously agree that the letter “M” is simply more terrifying than “B,” in laughter situations. They told me so that time I held an etymologist conference hostage and asked them dozens of times until they got it right.
Q: Trying to take over the world must burn much of your free time. How do you find time to date, and is fostering a lovelife hard out there for your malevolent ilk?
A: I assume once I have control of every world government and wield limitless power over all humanity, Henrietta will finally call again — I mean, the romance question will settle itself.
The book is available now from Skyhorse Publishing.