Nicolas Winding Refn Takes Button Man

Nicolas Winding Refn may have found his next project in Button Man, a comic book story from England’s “2000 A.D.” anthology. Deadine‘s story on the matter is making the rounds, but it appears to be the book’s co-creator, Arthur Anson, who broke the story himself more than a week ago.

“I understand that DreamWorks have signed Nicholas Refn as director for a ‘Button Man’ film,” Anson wrote on his official site. “They are now looking for a new writer for the Button Man screenplay. Their option with John Wagner and I has been renewed for another twelve months.”

Wagner, the other Button Man creator, is also the creator of “Judge Dredd,” the most famous of “2000 A.D.”‘s many tales and the subject of the upcoming feature film, Dredd.

“Ungrateful wretch that I am,” Anson jokingly continues, “I was hoping the making of the film would be confirmed at this time and make me rich and famous before Christmas but this is good news and I guess improves the possibility that DreamWorks will make the movie.

The plot for Button Man has a group of millionaires, “The Fixers,” organizing a deadly game of murder amongst “Button Men,” guns-for-hire that they pay to kill one another. When one man, Harry Exton, enters the game, he decides to put an end to it once and for all.

Following his Drive last year, Refn has reteamed with star Ryan Gosling for Only God Forgives. The pair are also slated to remake Logan’s Run at Warner Bros., a property that, oddly enough, Anson himself helped to adapt into comic book form in 1978.