Initial Response to Arrow Pilot

Even though the fall is still a few months away, buzz is already trying to gear up on the new CW DC hero project Arrow.

The first teaser was released a few weeks and now reports are coming in from various sources about the quality of the pilot itself.

The Detroit News was coy about details but did say: “can’t really comment on it since it’s a rough cut. I will say it had plenty of Easter eggs, and I’m looking forward to the full show.”

Zap2it had this to say: “We’ve seen the pilot episode, and we L-O-V-E love it. We’ve got faith that even the ‘Smallville’ fans who are clamoring for more of Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow will get on board with Stephen Amell’s new version.”

Star Stephen Amell also spoke to Zap2it about the differences between Arrow and the fan beloved Smallville, “Nobody in our universe has super powers, so that’s a big jumping off point.” When asked about the diffrences in “Smallville’s” Justin Hartley’s Oliver Queen and his own, “I think we find Oliver Queen more injured than we saw him before. Other than in name, there are virtually no similarities between [Hartley’s version and the new version]. It’s not to say that one’s better than the other, it’s just that they’re so different, it’s almost weird to compare them.”

“Arrow” premieres this fall on The CW.