Marvel’s Kevin Feige on Extra Avengers Filming and What is Coming

At the end of the Los Angeles press conference for Marvel’s The Avengers last week, Robert Downey Jr. dropped the following bit without providing more details:

“We’re actually not done shooting. We’re shooting another scene tonight. I’m not kidding.”

There’s been a lot of speculation since about may have been filmed. Blogomatic3000 talked to Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige at the UK premiere of the film and received this answer:

“I will tell you this: It was not a scene. It was not a scene. There’s little things. It’s been blown out of proportion. Which is fun, I like that things are blown out of proportion. Sometimes they’re true sometimes they’re not.” He was also asked if there will be any changes to the current cut of the film. He said: “There is the potential that there will be one little change. People might not even notice it. It’s not a big thing.”

Hey U Guys also caught up with Feige and got some quotes about the upcoming Marvel films, including interesting bits on the Ant-Man, The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver characters. You can watch the interview segment below:

Also in related news, Hot Toys has revealed its 1/6th scale Captain America Limited Edition Collective Figurine for Marvel’s The Avengers. They say:

“The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Evans as Captain America in his hero costume in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume and weapons.”

You can check out more pics by clicking on them below!