Sin City 2 & Machete Kills to Film This Year

During the panel, Rodriguez mentioned he will start shooting Machete Kills (announced at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con) in April with the long-planned and massively delayed Sin City 2 planning to start production over the summer. Although he kept quiet on how much of the cast of either previous movie will be returning, he mentioned he’d been in talks with actors for both films, adding that the casting will be “of the same caliber and ecclecticism” as the previous films.

Rodriguez also said that Quickdraw Animation would be treated as a separate entity from his home-grown Troublemaker Productions with Heavy Metal and a family film both moving into the storyboard preproduction phases, although Rodriguez says that they’ve found a way to shrink the amount of time it takes to do production on CG animation which may mean we’ll see one or both of these films sooner rather than later. (Normal CG animated movies take between three or four years from development and pre-production through the finalized film.) Rodriguez wouldn’t say the title for the family film because he says that like “Spy Kids,” it would give away the entire concept.

You can read a lot more about what Rodriguez is up to, including a filmmaking contest he announced at SXSW, over at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Risky Business blog.

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