What is Next for The Amazing Spider-Man Viral Campaign?

We’ve been following the viral campaign for The Amazing Spider-Man and had some observations and a question…

The whole thing started with a clue in the new trailer for the July 3 release that led to the viral site MarkoftheSpider-Man.com. There, via Twitter, fans received coordinates as to where they could find Peter Parker’s backpack(s).

The contents of the backpack revealed a clue that helped unlock a countdown at MarkoftheSpider-Man.com. We soon learned that the countdown was leading up to real world street adventures where recruits left “the mark of the spider-man” (we’re pretty sure this was legal). And then the viral participants were paid off with a clip where Peter was denied access to Gwen’s building because of–you guessed it–the backpack.

So that leads to our question – what else is in that pack? Perhaps there is another clue?

If you have ideas, leave them in the comments below. We’ve reposted the pics we took of the backpack we got our hands on below!