Blade Anime to Debut January 13th

It’s been a few months since we got a look at the trailer to Marvel’s anime take on the “Blade” franchise (originally a character from the “Tomb of Dracula” comic book series). Today, has the official announcement that the show has found a home at G4 and will air the premiere episode on Friday, January 13th at 11pm ET/PT with new episodes following for 12 straight weeks.

Set to star Harold Perrineau as Blade, the series is officially described as follows:

Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant, imbuing her unborn son with vampire strength and a thirst for blood, but without the vulnerability to sunlight. A master of weaponry with a desire to avenge the death of his mother, Blade finds himself in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia in an effort to take down the evil villain, Deacon Frost. With vampire hunter Makoto at his side, they will stop at nothing to destroy Existence, a vampire organization with roots deeply embedded in Asia.

“Blade” arrives from director Mitsuyuki Masuhara (“Chi’s Sweet Home,” “Kobato”) and writer Kenta Fukasaku (“Battle Royale”) with music by Tetsuya Takahashi (“Appleseed,” “Resident Evil: Degeneration,” previous Marvel anime series).

Check out two new screenshots from the series below: