Concept Artist Adi Granov Talks Upcoming Marvel Films

Though he’s involved in next summer’s The Avengers, he’s remaining fairly mum on what we’ll see on the big screen.

“I really know what the villains are,” he said when asked about the persistent rumors that the Skrull race would play a role in the film, “but I’m not gonna confirm or say here!”

Granov did confirm one thing that won’t be seen on the big screen anytime soon: Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor, which he illustrated for a 2006 story-arc.

“In the first movie we had the Iron Monger,” he explained, “the idea for him came from the Hulkbuster. 
I did a cover with the Hulkbuster in it. Jon Favreau liked that design and asked me to draw something similar to it for the Iron Monger. So technically the Iron Monger is the Hulkbuster, and that I think is why for a while we won’t see it in a movie. It would only be yet another Iron Man big type of armour.”

You can check out the full interview with Granov by clicking here.