The Dark Knight Rises Production Hits Newark

The Millburn-ShortHills Patch reports that The Dark Knight Rises production hit Newark today and that Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard were present to film scenes.

It’s not every day you see celebrities Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard wandering around Newark City Hall.

But that’s because it wasn’t business as usual Thursday: The city’s epicenter was turned into what appeared to be a mock infirmary and ghetto, with cots lining the hallways and people dressed as vagrants, starting fires and wielding machine guns.

The scene was like something out of a movie — a Batman movie.

“The Dark Knight Rises,” the third installment of the Caped Crusader franchise, started filming Thursday in downtown Newark for the first of its two-day shoot.

There’s much more on the filming, including photos, in the article available here.