Michael B. Jordan Talks Chronicle

ComingSoon.net got a chance to talk to Red Tails star Michael B. Jordan at the New York Comic Con and talk turned to Chronicle, the film opening on February 3 that we haven't heard much about.

"It's a science fiction movie, we're not talking to much about it because… our marketing scheme is unique. It's a unique film," Jordan said. "But you know it's basically about these three teenagers that discover… they uncover this… this power that they kinda get. And using their powers to their advantage, their lives start to spiral out of control and you start seeing a darker side of all of them and just kinda have that power either corrupts you or it works out for the better. It's a cool little science fiction thriller. It's going to be cool man."

When asked about how much we'll find out beforehand, he said, "You're going to see blurbs here and there, we're going to slowly feed some clips and the trailer actually comes out in front of 'Paranormal Activity' for Friday."

You can watch the full interview by clicking here.