Director Says Now is the Time for the RoboCop Remake

Director Jose Padilha feels the time to strike is now. He’s the guy MGM brought aboard the redo after Darren Aronofsky bowed out and based on Padilha’s comments in a recent interview with Film 1 (via it seems he’s putting a lot more thought and care into development than one might think.

He tells Film 1, “I love the sharpness and political tone of RoboCop , and I think that such a film is now urgently needed. But I will not repeat what Verhoeven has done so clearly and strongly. Instead I try to make a film that will address topics that Verhoeven untreated. If you are a man changes into a robot, how do you do that? What is the difference between humans and robots developed? What is free will? What does it mean to lose your free will? Those are the issues that I think.”

Padilha, if you’re unfamiliar with him, is making waves with the action film Elite Squad, which is playing at Fantastic Fest this weekend. Read more about that film here.