Mary-Louise Parker Joins Schwentke’s R.I.P.D.

RED director Robert Schwentke continues to pull together an impeccable cast for his latest comic book adaptation, the zombie comedy R.I.P.D., and he's now joined by someone he has worked with before, as RED star Mary-Louise Parker takes on the second female role in the movie, according to Variety.

The "Weeds" star will be playing Proctor, a woman who has been involved with Jeff Bridges' character "Bo" and who is there to inform Reynolds' character, police officer Nick Cruz, of his new status when he realizes that he's now a zombie after being killed on duty. The premise of the comic book and movie, produced by Neal Moritz's Original Films with Universal Pictures, involves the now zombified Cruz joining the "Rest in Peace Department," a team of undead officers who keep the other zombies in line.

The movie is slated to start filming in Boston next month.