Wesley Snipes on the Future of Blade

"Under the right circumstances, with the right team, yes, I'd do another one," says the actor in an interview with IGN, "…It would be nice to fulfill some of the really cool plans we had for Blade, but didn't get the chance to go live with."

Currently serving a prison sentence with an anticipated release in July of 2013, Snipes is already making plans to resume his acting career and, despite his fondness for the character, Blade isn't at the top of his list.

"[D]on't get me wrong," he adds, "I'm not waiting around for the opportunity. I've got plenty to do, plus an unraveled character in the works who I think will give Blade a hell of a run for his money."

Snipes played the vampire-hunting Blade in three films, beginning in 1998. Based on a character from the long-running "Tomb of Dracula" comic book series, Blade is often cited as the film that helped usher in the modern era of comic book to film adaptations. It was spun off into a live-action television series and an upcoming anime series.