Warner Bros. President on Green Lantern 2 and The Flash

While Green Lantern still has 22 more countries to open up in, the box office results for the comic book adaptation have been less than stellar. Having cost about $200 million to make, not counting marketing costs, the Martin Campbell-directed film has earned $114 million domestically and $40 million internationally, for a worldwide total of just $154 million so far.

According to Warner Bros. film group president Jeff Robinov, however, they are still thinking about moving ahead with a sequel. He tells the Los Angeles Times that "we had a decent opening so we learned there is an audience. To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…. And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth."

The newspaper adds that the studio would like to go with another director for the sequel, though they say that Campbell has an option for the second film. This means that if the studio is going to move forward without him, they would have to work something out.

Robinov added that they have "a solid script" for The Flash and he is also still interested in a Justice League movie.