Stan Lee Talks Upcoming Cameo Roles

Stan Lee took to Twitter on Monday evening to talk about his upcoming cameo appearances…

Warriors mine, grieve thee not that I have no cameo in X-Men 1st Class. ‘Tis just that the movie was filmed too far away for me to attend

Bryan Singer, the brilliant director of X-Men 1st Class, is a good friend of your beloved Generalissimo and we all wish him well

But know ye t his, I have already completed my roles in Captain America and the new Spider-Man, so all is well in Cameo Land.

Next up–The Avengers. Unless they shoot it on the Moon nothing shall keep thy leader from making his awesome presence known! Excelsior!

WOW! When I make a blooper it’s a lulu! The brilliant Bryan Singer didn’t direct X-Men 1st Class! Marvel-ous Matt Vaughn’s at the helm!

Sorry for any confusion, troops. Hope Bryan and Matthew’ll forgive me. But the most important thing I’m hoping is——

I hope my bonehead mistake won’t make them skip my cameo in the next X-Men just to teach me a lesson! Excelsior!

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