Exclusive: Clark Gregg on Agent Coulson

SuperHeroHype: What's it been like to grow this character over several films? You probably just thought it was a one-off gig when you signed on.

Clark Gregg:
Oh, yeah, a small gig! And then they just kept adding scenes, and then they started adding movies, and now I'm in Albuquerque doing "Avengers" with this amazing cast. I don't know how this happens. It's not the kind of thing that normally happens to me, and yet it's been the most amazing ride. I'm just kind of kind of a goofy 14-year-old: like, "Really? Look what I get to do in this version!"

SHH: As opposed to that actor-y thing: where’s my solo film?

Gregg: No, no. [Laughs] I can't believe that they just keep putting me in them.

SHH: I don’t know if you can reveal how many, but do you have a multi-picture deal in place with Marvel?

Gregg: Yeah, from the first one, I signed up for a multi-picture deal – and they keep using them.

SHH: And you're shooting "The Avengers" now – On set, what's been the coolest thing you’ve experienced so far?

Some of the sets that they build, just some of the featured set pieces of "The Avengers," you walk on there and kind of go, "Wow – This is going to do a LOT of my acting for me." Also, you walk out there and there's Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson or Sam Jackson and you go, "This is a superhero movie? This is an Oscar movie, with this cast."

SHH: Were you a Marvel fan as a kid?

Gregg: I was. I had my moment. I definitely was really into a couple of those comics.

SHH: Are we still awaiting Agent Coulson’s official comic book debut?

There's a comic book of him, yeah. It looks like me! They did one or two. It's digital, but it's 'Agent Coulson of SHIELD'. You have to see it – It's cool!