Lucas Till on Playing Havok

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Q: (Yesa) Who is your favorite super hero, and why?
Lucas Till: My favorite superhero has always been Batman. Although being a billionaire is nearly impossible for myself, it’s still a lot easier than being born an alien or exposing myself to radioactive waste and hoping for the best.
Q: (Anonymous) Why did you decide to play the role of Havok?

Lucas: I decided to play the role of Havok after an extensive audition process and wanting to be a superhero my entire life and seeing unemployment on the “less than” side of the inequality.
Q: (Amanda) Did you do any research for your role beforehand?

Lucas: Fox was actually thoughtful enough to make it someone’s job on X-Men to give anyone who wanted it, copies of the comics relevant to our characters’ entire story lines, and that was all the research I really needed.
Q: (Nick) What was it like to play a character like Havok, having to live up to being the brother of Cyclops?

Lucas: To play Havok is the chance of a lifetime, or at least until they recast me in the next one, but seriously it’s a dream fulfilled to step into Alex Summers’ shoes.
Q: (Susan) What did you enjoy the most about getting into the X-Men Universe?

Lucas: The best thing about stepping into the X-Men universe is all of your friends texting you saying, “Dude, I might actually go see this one you’re in. Good job man.”
Q: (Fred) Do you enjoy the power you have in this movie, and if you could have any power you wanted which would you choose?

Lucas: I love the power Havok possesses so much, but i have the feeling I wouldn’t have as much control as he would so I’ll say I would rather have the power to fly. Always have wanted to control flight on my own.
Q: (Marcus) Will Havok be a team leader like Cyclops or more rebellious and wild like in the comics?

Lucas: I would say the character you find in this movie will be more reminiscent of the comic version. That’s why he’s Havok and not Cyclops.
Q: (Caleb) What was it like being cast in a film of this size? How do you feel about having been part of the movie?

Lucas: I feel so appreciative to be a directly involved in something I have been a part of the fanbase of for as long as I can remember. Once I see my performance in the movie, it may drastically affect my answer next time I am asked, however.
X-Men: First Class hits theaters on June 3rd!