Director Jon Chu Talks G.I. Joe 2

The Deadbolt talked to G.I. Joe 2 director Jon Chu about what we can expect from the sequel. Here’s a clip from the interview:

Well, for Joe, I grew up playing with G.I. Joes and watching Joe and reading the comics of Joe. It means so much to me. To me, it’s one of the few brands that has a soul, a multi-generational soul, where it’s about what it means to be a leader in the community, in your home, with your friends, and what it means to be a leader and a hero. I think that’s an important message right now in the world when everyone’s kind of questioning what it means to be the leader of the world.

I think it’s not just another action movie. Maybe the first one was that, but we’re really trying to break it down and take the shine off and show that my Joes were the ones in the mud, the sand and the trees and in the epic worldwide adventures. Each one had individual talents. So we really want to bring the experience of what I grew up with playing with these toys. What it feels like so that kids now can be reintroduced to the Joes and experience it in a different way. This is like down and dirty Joe for me.

Chu is also asked about the critics who think he won’t be able to do an action movie because of his dance films background. You can check out his response here.

Paramount Pictures is targeting an August 10, 2012 release for G.I. Joe 2.