Welling, Souders & Gough on the Smallville Finale

 “This show, to me, has always been about Clark Kent — it hasn’t been about Superman,” he says, while taking a break from filming a Phantom Zone sequence for the April 29 episode. “And it was very important at the end that we make sure that we wrap up the Clark Kent story.”

That’s not to say we might not get a red-, blue- and yellow-hued surprise. “I will just say to keep watching through the whole two hours,” executive producer Kelly Souders says of the finale. “There is a very, very special moment that we love, and everyone who is looking for that moment won’t be disappointed.”

Though Smallville has been Clark’s story before he becomes the Man of Steel, a superending was part of the original plan. “The last scene of the last episode was always going to be Clark putting on the suit and flying off into his destiny,” says Al Gough, who created the show with Miles Millar way back in 2001. “And my guess is that, when we all see the finale, it will be some version of that.”

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