Update: More Superman Concept Art Revealed

Steve Johnson, the visual effects master behind countless cinematic projects, revealed today via his Facebook page concept art for Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns and, potentially, for its unproduced sequel.

Johnson, who just recently unveiled behind the scenes photos from his Superman Lives work, is a bit vague on the details, specifying only that the below images were for a Bryan Singer film. Though the Superman designs may have been a pitch for the 2006 film, there is also speculation that the costume could actually be for either a revamped costume in the sequel or for a villain, the Eradicator. The final image is clearly a version of Doomsday, indicating either a direction for the sequel or a radically different plan for Superman Returns.

UPDATE: As some of you have pointed out in both e-mail and in the comments below, this is probably for the J.J. Abrams-scripted Superman Flyby instead – a project that was dropped before Superman Returns.