Ruffalo on The Hulk in The Avengers

IGN talked to Mark Ruffalo on Tuesday about taking on The Hulk in The Avengers, which is scheduled to start shooting in Los Angeles in February. Here are several clips from the interview:

IGN: I know you’re still preparing for the role and things can change, but how do you even go about playing repressed rage without seeming too muted? It’s a tough challenge.

Ruffalo: Rage is an intense thing. It’s big, it’s huge. It’s your whole body, and so I’m not going to compare myself to any other Hulks. I just know that I want that rage to be as real as possible. I want that when he goes off that you feel it in me. That it happens to me first and then it becomes Hulk. I don’t think it’s simultaneous. It’s interesting. It takes some people quite a bit to get to rage.

IGN: You don’t strike me as angry guy. You seem pretty chill and likable. Is it going to be tough for you to find that rage?

Ruffalo: No. (laughs) If you knew me as a younger actor — or even in What Doesn’t Kill You that guy’s able to access rage and he dragged that guy out of his car. I’ve heard some of the fans and I totally respect them and I hear their concern about Mark Ruffalo being a nice guy, but I assure you just like everybody else I have my very dark side. Maybe more because I’m an actor. That’s not what I’m really worried about. What I’m worried about is bringing some spark of originality and spontaneity to that character. He’s the only one who doesn’t want to be there [in the Avengers] really. Everyone else is sort of digging on their super powers and he’s the only one who doesn’t want to be there, which could be an incredibly uninteresting person to spend two hours with. (laughs)

You can read the full interview here!