Rumor: Will the Thor Trailer be with TRON: Legacy?

In what can only be chalked up as a rumor right now, SuperHeroHype has received word that the very first teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman, may be showing up in front of Disney’s TRON: Legacy when it opens on December 17.

It makes some sense being that we’ve yet to see a theatrical trailer for Thor following the premiere of footage at this year’s Comic-Con International, and it’s going to be the kick-off movie for the summer of 2011. (The first teaser for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s own summer superhero offering Green Lantern will be premiering in front of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 on Friday, November 19.) Both movies are in 3D and some might remember that Disney bought Marvel in December of 2009 and they have a stake in the success of Thor even if it’s being distributed and marketed by Paramount Pictures. After all, the character will be appearing in Marvel’s 2012 release The Avengers, which will be released by Disney.

While neither Paramount nor Marvel nor Disney were able to confirm or deny our findings, we’re hoping that this rumor proves to be true, and we’re still working on a few other sources to try and get confirmation, knowing full well that everyone involved with the project is likely to be sworn to secrecy.

If a teaser trailer does emerge, it will be interesting to see what part of the footage from Comic-Con may be included in it.