Edgar Wright and Michael Cera Talk Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Though it may not have been been the box office smash that fans were hoping for, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is already shaping up to have quite a successful afterlife. Midnight screenings in Los Angeles of the past month or so have sold out in minutes and, earlier this week, American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theater in Hollywood set a new record for attendance with a special screening featuring Edgar Wright, Michael Cera and Bryan Lee O’Malley (along with a number of surprise guests in the audience), all moderated by Guillermo Del Toro.

"I’m here because I love this movie," said del Toro, clearly stating his strongly-worded thoughts on the film, "…[This] is a really important screening, because I think we all can go out to the world after this screening and tell every motherf—er out there to watch the movie. Why? Because anyone that didn’t watch it is a motherf—er. We can tell them when they ask, ‘Why does Hollywood make such sh—y movies?’ Because when they do great ones, you don’t f—ing show up!"

Fans did turn out for the screening in droves, though, with many dressed up as characters from the film. At a press event beforehand, O’Malley and Wright acknowledged their appreciation of fans who Tweeted their costumes over the Halloween weekend (Wright’s favorite being two people dressed together as Scott and Nega-Scott) while Cera poked some fun at the film’s box office return, saying of his own Halloween:

"I ran into eight guys dressed as ‘The Expendables’ and got my ass kicked."

While you’ll have to wait until next Tuesday, November 9th to buy the feature-laden Blu-ray, you can whet your Scott Pilgrim appetite with a video of the entire Q&A, viewable below and straight from Wright’s own blog. As you may have guessed from del Toro’s comments above, the following contains some strong language.